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My First Theology Lesson by Edward Hirsch

The poem is taken from Edward Hirsch's experience of going to a bookstore with his grandfather in Chicago in the late 1940's.


"Rumpled and furious, my grandfather's friend

stood up in a bookstore on the North Side 

and lamented the lost Jews of Poland

and declared that he felt sorry for God"



An anonymous, untitled poem found buried in the Warsaw Ghetto after the war

Read by Cornelious Eady


"In your eyes there glows a heavenly prayer

quick as mice a slurp and gulp

so I went away from your house where the day

drags with hardship"



The Ledger by Sabrina Orah Mark

An attempt to catalogue sadness, the poem is an index of ashes, of extinguished light, written out in alphabetical order.


J   Nervous System; Gas Lamp

K   Daybreak

L   Redemption Through Labor

M  How To Use A Crime Instrument                

N  Boredom

O  The Babies



Negative Miracle by Christine Poreba

The poem was written as a reaction to reading The Vanished City by Michel Mazur.  She was struck by how easily we as humans can forget horrific tragedies about which we have all learned and read, and how history comes to us all in different forms and times. 


“some mothers led their little children by the hand—

  all of them had no choice but to follow."



How I Knew and When by Janet R. Kirchheimer

The poem details some of the ways she came to know about the Holocaust through family stories told by her mother and father, survivors from Germany.  In this list poem, her stories range from age 8 to 32. 


“Age 32 - A waiter Age in Jerusalem hotel tells my father

he should come to live in Israel, because it's home.

My father tells him,‘Home is anywhere they let you in."